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Are dogs allowed at Festival Gardens?

Yes but must be kept on a lead and kept under close control at all times and all mess must be cleaned up. Please note - during events, dogs may not be allowed on site (please check on the relevant event website for more information).

Are bikes allowed at Festival Gardens?

Yes responsible cycling is allowed. Please be aware that the park is visited by small children and less able bodied visitors and it is your responsibility to ensure that you ride carefully, or dismount if it is very congested.

Is there an entrance fee?

No, but donations are always welcome. 100% of all donations will go directly to Festival Gardens, thanks to JustTextGiving, powered by Vodafone.

To donate by text, simply text LAND44 £XX to 70070, replacing XX with your chosen donation, eg. LAND44 £10 to donate £10. Your donation will show up on your phone bill as The Land Trust.

Please note some events are ticketed/attract admission terms& conditions and fees (please check on the relevant event website for more information).

Is parking available and is it free?

Yes! There is a car park at the southern end of the site which can be accessed from the roundabout on Riverside Drive, opposite Bempton Road. Car parking is free but we ask that all visitors consider making a donation by text - see above.
Please note - during events there may be a charge for parking (please check on the relevant event website for more information).

Why are the water levels sometimes low and why does the cascade not run all the time?

The main water system in the garden is a sealed water system. This means that it is not naturally fed by streams or rivers, but relies on rain water falling in the gardens. The system is also designed to allow for a mains water top-up into the system which we ran for most of last year, however, this is damaging to the natural ecosystem and habitat which is developing in the gardens. It is also costly to run and would, if it was fully operational, divert financial resources away from ensuring the gardens continue to deliver for the local community and are well maintained.

We are therefore monitoring the water levels and evaporation carefully and making the delicate decision as to assessing any damage caused to the habitat within the water system by low levels during this period of low rainfall, compared with the damage that would be caused by letting chlorinated water into the system.

Can I volunteer at Festival Gardens?

We would love you to! Hop over to the Festival Gardeners section to find out more and get in touch with the rangers.

Can we go in the water?

In the interests of nature conservation and health and safety we strongly discourage paddling, swimming and stone skimming in any of the ponds and lakes.

Can we climb and sit on the cascade?

No, we strongly discourage access to the cascade feature.

What do we do with our rubbish..are there rubbish bins on site?

We have 10 litter bins throughout the site, but we encourage visitors to take your rubbish home as this will mean more resources to spend on positive things for Festival Gardens.

Are there fish in the ponds and lakes?

We haven’t stocked the ponds and lakes with fish, but we expect that they will naturally occur in time.

Are there public toilets at the gardens?


Is there a café at the gardens?

During the Summer months the park has a mobile catering service selling hot and cold drinks as well as a range of tasty snacks. If you fancy treating yourself the park also has an ice cream van who visits us frequently.

Will there be events and activities at the gardens?

Yes - please see our Events Calendar. Please let us know if you have ideas for events and activities that you would like to see.

Am I able to take professional and/ or occasional photographs at Festival Gardens?

Whilst we welcome everyone to Festival Gardens and enjoy you taking photographs of our site we do ask that if you are planning to visit Festival Gardens, to take photographs for professional use or as part of your wedding portfolio, that you check in advance that this is both allowed and agreeable.

Please bear in mind that the Gardens are a public space and there to be enjoyed by all. A visit by a photographer may not be suitable on a particular day or time.

Once we receive your request we will check against any other activities on site, assess the risk and then let you know if we are able to accommodate you. We will also ask for your assistance in alerting visitors to the gardens of your presence during the time you are there.

Please note that we cannot accommodate all requests and reserve the right to refuse use of the Gardens without explanation or prejudice. We also reserve the right to withdraw permission at any time without giving reason.
We would also like to point out that we are a charity and although we do not charge for you using Festival Gardens for your photographs we would ask that you consider giving us a donation.

To submit a request for using Festival Gardens in the way please contact the Rangers here

More questions? 

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