Japanese Star Festival returns to Festival Gardens

10 August 2016

This ancient and exciting stellar festival returns to Festival Gardens for the third year running on Saturday 13th August between 10am - 4pm.

Come and see the gardens come alive with Japanese culture; learn Shodou Calligraphy, construct your own Origami lanterns, cranes and chains, learn about the ancient tradition of Tanzaku (wish making on colourful strips of paper) and meet and learn more about the work of the Japan Society North West. Liverpool University's Animation Society will also be in attendance showing screenings of Japanese Anime.

Tanabata, which means the “Evening of the seventh” (also known as the Star Festival) is usually run on the seventh day of the seventh month.  The festival traces its origins to the legend of two lovers in heaven, Orihime the weaver and Hikoboshi the cow herder. Madly in love with one another they neglected their duties and all the cows became sick and the cloth unwoven. In response, the Emperor of Heaven and Orihume’s father, Tentei, separated the two stars and exiled them to opposite ends of the Milky Way.   Permitted to meet just once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month, the two stars come together to form part of the summer triangle constellation.

Entrance to the event is free, as are the activities taking place (booking is required for all activities) and all ages are welcome to attend this celebration in the colourful and serene settings of Festival Gardens.

Please contact Joseph Evans at Merseyside@tcv.org.uk to book and for further information.