Moorhen Horticulture

14 October 2014

Green Angels Horticulture Course gets unexpected new class member

The Green Angels Horticulture group were surprise today when a new member decided to join the session on soil conditioning.

The group were deighted when a juvenile moorhen decided to join the class and settle down to listen to the talk.

Rowan from Green Angels said, It was like he was really listening and taking everything in. I hope he joins us next week to learn more.

The moorhen had simply stepped away from his usualy spot in the wetlands at the gardens to see what was going on and not expected to have his picture on the internet. He and his family are well used to peopel and attention as they live in the centre of the Festival Gardens which is a popular spot for walkers, runners, Tai Chi fanatics and of course the Green Angels.

The Green Angels are currently in the middle of the popular Horticulture Course which teaches participants about preparing the land for planting, what to plant and when. Green Angels is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and provides free courses  to anyone who is interested. Please contact us for further details.